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Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

I have created a 9 week online program, specifically for founders who are ready to grow their business into a ‘must have’ acquisition target. This program is supported by online contact and four group calls where you can submit anonymous questions.

I also create bespoke coaching programs for founders, around their individual needs. These programs are supported by 1:1 coaching by me.

2. What can I expect from the call?

You will be speaking to a member of my Standout team, who will speak with you about where your business is at, and where you are at.

The discovery call is for us to get a sense of where you and your business are at and right now, and where, with the right support, you would like be.

It is a chance for you to share where you feel most stuck and for us to help figure out whether I can get you the results you want.

3. Who is Remy Blumenfeld?

In my late twenties I was working as a TV producer for a British channel that came off air. Overnight I was out of work. I wanted to sell my ideas for TV shows to broadcasters, but no one would order a TV series from a person.  Broadcasters would only trust that much money and responsibility to a company.

So, I started my first business from my bedroom in Brixton. But, I had no experience of running a company. I knew the industry I was in was called “Showbusiness” but the emphasis was on the entertainment part.   I secretly hoped the business would take care of itself.    Needless to say, it did not.

On the way, I had to learn a lot about what it takes to build and grow a business, driven by ideas, that someone will one day want to buy. I learned by making many big mistakes that cost me millions of pounds. Mistakes I can help you avoid.

Eight years later, I’m happy to report, I sold my first company  for a high multiple to the world’s largest production company.

Since then, I have served as director of Formats at ITV Studios, the production arm of Britain’s largest commercial broadcaster, and have acted as special adviser to TF1, France’s leading commercial broadcaster. I’ve operated at the highest levels in the creative industries.  I have launched several content-driven companies.

These days I mostly use my decades of experience to support and guide founders of content-driven companies, like you, who want to grow and perhaps some day sell their company. My journey has been a life-changing experience, and my goal is to share this experience with you.

I offer a completely bespoke service that will take your company, step-by-step through the key stages of effective innovation.  I will give you the clarity to identify a strategy that will drive your success and make you and your business stand out.

Read my many columns for Forbes on creative leadership :

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How To Silence Your Saboteur, To Build Grow And Sell Your Business w/Remy Blumenfeld

Watch as Remy shows get over the voice in their head that tells them "no, you can't do this". Discover how to transform the choices you make, the calibre of people, and the value of the work you attract. Remy has contributed more than 50 articles to Forbes magazine and has been listed as one of the 20 most influential LGBTQ people in the United Kingdom. He's also been featured in the New York Times, the Sunday Times, Forbes and Inc. His clients include founders from film, tv, advertising, publishing and gaming.

Posted by Bryan S Arnold on Monday, August 31, 2020


Some People We’ve Worked With

Remy helped me transform my workplace confidence and success during a time when I needed sage advice and practical strategies for both personal and professional success. His wisdom runs deep. My focus shifted from reactive to proactive. My happiness quotient both inside the workplace and in all aspects of my life was forever changed through his guiding principles which are as personal as they are universal.
Lisa Sharkey

SVP Director of Creative Development, HarperCollins Publishers

I hired Remy as my coach when I decided to launch my own TV production company. Remy has supported me in mastering a mindset that allows me to be the leader I’ve needed to be to attract high quality team members, advisers and clients in a challenging marketplace.
Ed Taylor

Founder, Honeybee Media

Remy has helped me see the potential in myself and in opportunities. He has a brilliant way of unlocking how you are really feeling about a situation, your hopes and fears, and giving you exactly the right tools to deal with it. At a major crossroad in my career Remy shifted the tectonic plates of how I viewed things, revealing a new pathway as well as the confidence to back myself. Absolutely invaluable.
Joe Mace

Commissioner, Entertainment Commissioning ITV Network

I first met Remy during a tough period in my personal and business life. Since working with Remy, he has helped me build a successful business and develop my perspective to become a much stronger leader and manager. If you’re looking to tap into your full potential, Remy is the best.
Daryl Parker

Founder, Firm Fitness

Remy has given me a newfound feeling of confidence as well as tools that have transformed my business. Remy’s skill and professionalism enabled me to get rid of mental barriers that prevented me from succeeding, accepting myself and what I was capable of. My business has grown three fold. I am still a young entrepreneur but thanks to I have developed my brand and gained a lot of trust from customers.
Jan Wesol

Founder, Toudi Apps

As a social entrepreneur who is building my business, it’s been transformational to have been working with someone of Remy’s experience, wisdom, perception and depth. Most accidents and fatalities happen in our blind spots, and Remy has helped me see where my blind spots lie. As well as always asking powerful questions which lead me to a better understanding of myself and my business, I always have the feeling that Remy is on my side.
Jeremiah Emmanuel BEM

Founder, EMNL

Remy offered to coach me after I had breast cancer last year. I’ve had several coaches and mentors over the years, all helpful guides who came along at the right time. Following the traumatic disruption of my diagnosis I felt I needed someone who understood what I’d been through to support me as I returned to work and life after cancer.
My coaching with Remy, over just a few months, has been transformative. He listens for a long time before using his skill and great sensitivity to draw out themes and self-limiting habits of thought, working with your language and your goals to give you real focus. He is never afraid to challenge you but creates a safe space where you can explore who you want to be and accept who you are.
I would highly recommend Remy for anyone, particularly those in leadership positions, who are looking for a kind and wise guide to support them through a transition.
Angela Chan

Head of Creative Diversity, Channel 4

I met Remy in 2015 shortly after I’d made a fairly major life change, having left a head of department role at a multi-billion pound corporate to pursue my lifelong dream of directing theatre and film. Having Remy believe in me helped me to think that maybe I wasn’t deluding myself that “I could do this.” He’s very perceptive and I’ve found him to genuinely care about me as a person, and also to help me accept that other people care too, which is something I’ve struggled with in the past. I am now working full time in Theatre and film, if you get the opportunity to work with Remy I’d grasp it with both hands!
Jack Silver

Producer and Director

At a tricky crossroads in my career as a TV executive I reached out to Remy for coaching and I instantly knew I’d done the right thing. Remy has an ability to grasp any situation and offer clear, perceptive questions which in time helped me make the right choices for me . It’s a gift that needs to be shared and one I feel incredibly grateful for.
Jonathan Levi

Executive, Warnerbros

I have been hugely enlightened by Remy’s perceptions as I have faced a number of difficult decisions and troubled periods which Remy navigated me through. Without him I might not have built the bridges needed to make a journey home to say goodbye to my dying father, or taken the time to understand why my relationship with my partner had turned into a vicious circle of arguments, break ups and unhappiness. I have defeated these cycles and started a new business with my partner that I love.
Sharon Rowe

Business Owner

I needed guidance on how to rebuild my career. What I lacked most was the right state of mind to address this challenge. Remy quickly grasped this and understood how he could accompany me towards a mindset that would allow me to find success. I moved to another country and rebuilt a career in finance in a new city.
Ziad C

I reached out to Remy when I was looking for a new direction in my career. He brought his experience and wisdom to help me achieve my mission and I now am busy working on projects which I love.
Sabri M

Working with Remy has brought so much joy and abundance into my life. He has helped me make distinctions that were previously blind spots. I had struggled with judgments about myself and with what was possible. Remy’s observations are sometimes painfully honest but are always delivered with great compassion. I have gained confidence and am now realising exciting new possibilities in both my personal and professional life.
Isabelle Jendrulek

Clinical Researcher

Remy has that uncanny ability to cut through all the nonsense and very quickly hone in on the real issues that matter. Thanks to his remarkable perception and intuition, I have found fresh perspectives on some of the major issues I’m currently grappling with. He has challenged my assumptions and negative thought patterns and I have now committed fully to a creative path.
Dan S


Remy Blumenfeld speaking at CICUS in Seville, FOAM in Amsterdam and BBC Studios in London.
Remy Blumenfeld speaking at the Club at the Ivy, London; Leading the TVCollective Retreat in Surrey; Addressing the AGM of AWBS Great Dixter; and speaking at the Arts Club London.

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